Blanco Church of Christ                 3 crosses

K E E P   I N   Y O U R   P R A Y E R S

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.
(James 5:16).


Donna Johnson

Shelton Smith

Debbie Mayer

Linda Pearson

Linda Grissom

Jo Ann Cloud

June Walters

Jo Eiland

Jim Brown

Nadean Page

Buddles & Norma Jean Felps

Family & Friends of our members

Sue Ann Smith's friend Cutter Baird

Carroll & Bonnie Henry's son-in-law's dad

Sherry Weber's mother Margie Weir, son Ben & daughter-in-law Jessica

Buddles & Norma Jean Felps' daughter Valerie and son Roger

Sylvia Romero's husband

Jim & Debbie Mayer's daughter-in-law

Linda Grissom's son Mike Timme

Former Members Pete & Mattie Wilson

Carol Spurgin's brother

Stephen & Severne Smith's sister Judy Mathis & friend in Abilene & Stephen's son-in-law's brother Paul Bezinque

Greg Chandler's father

Maddy Geise

Hollis Boatright's husband Rory

Linda Pearson's husband

Jerry Cloud's brother

Deanna Dove's sister Pam Bennett

Former Member Joyce Edge Bishop

Bob & Donna Johnson's friend Darlene, & Donna's brother Emmett Glossen

Darlene Campbell's son's family

Nadean Page's son & nephew Dick Nichols